Playinnovation™ tackling kids mental and physical well being through patented outdoor games for councils, housing associations & schools

Mental health has never so prevalent as it is in this day and age. Since 2010, Playinnovation™ have been tackling the issue of kids mental and physical well being by developing patented outdoor games for councils, housing associations and schools. The primary aim, to covertly develop key life skills and improve self-esteem, social interaction, patience and many other positive outcomes.


If you haven’t already heard of, (or played) the highly inclusive and educational Street Snooker™ target game, then take a look now. With over 100 installations up and running around England, never has a play company in working in the public sector developed a product that is so focussed on creating a positive impact on children and families outdoor ‘playground’ experience.


Having trialled a leader board / league system and numerous competition days over recent years, it became clear to Playinnovation that concentrating on the positive outcomes of any one product is the most rewarding element of the business as a whole. Marco Boi, founder of Playinnovation™ says: “Street Snooker™ was invented because of my own experiences and insecurities as a child and dealing with low self-esteem. So, Street Snooker game was intended to help as many children as possible who might be dealing with mental issues such as anxiety, self-esteem, self-confidence and other life issues. There’s a long way to go, but we have already made a difference to a lot of children and their families”


There are lots of games to choose from, however Street Snooker™ is possibly the best target game in the world without electronics (although there is a free app available on the iPhone!)  


The outdoor version can be retrofitted to any MUGA and is played by throwing or kicking any shaped ball, plus includes the new option of subscribing to the exciting world leader board. 


All you need to get started is a wall or fence and prices for secure environments start from as little as £995.00 – For harsh exterior environments where vandalism might be an issue, just £3,995. What are you waiting for? Enquire here

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