Make BetweenGlassBlinds Part of Your Infection Control Plans

Infection control is the hot topic at the moment in the health and wellness sector, with government advisors investigating how buildings can be redesigned and retrofitted to make them more infection resistant.  As leisure facilities in particular are thought of as higher risk places for germs to spread, finding ways to minimise the risk is vital. BetweenGlassBlinds is ideally placed to help.

Integrated blinds from BGB are perfect to use in a leisure setting because they are hermetically sealed between two panels of glass, with an easy to wipe clean exterior. They are simple to maintain, as the blinds contained within the sealed unit are safe from germs, moisture, dust, dirt and odours. The system is also totally free of any external cords or wires, making them ideally suited to busy and active environments.

Suiting both windows and doors internally or externally, the units meld essential functionality with a smart and stylish look and feel. They reduce glare and sunlight, regulate the temperature of a room, and can be used across all situations, from studio spaces to crèches, racquet courts to pool areas.

The BetweenGlassBlinds units can be operated via either a smooth easy-to-use sliding magnet, or by a battery-run or hardwired motor.  The unobtrusive magnetic controls are located around the perimeter of the unit and contain a unique tracking system for the magnet meaning that the magnet cannot get lost or be removed from the rails, which is ideal for high traffic leisure areas. Conversely, it is also possible to install the system where the magnetic blocks are detachable so only staff can operate the blinds.

Motorised units reduce touch points even further, allowing instantaneous shading or privacy for up to 12 units simultaneously at the push of a button. A full range of colour and glazing options such as fire rated, safety glass and noise reduction are available for both options.

All BGB units come with a full 10-year warranty on the double glazed unit, 5-year warranty on the magnetic operation and 2-year warranty on the motorised blinds.

Providing measures to prevent the spread of infection is more important than ever. BGB products are there to help. Contact the team today!



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