Take a direct approach

Why EVA Optic direct lights are the modern and efficient solution for swimming pool halls.

Commercial pool facilities could save thousands on energy bills thanks to new, cost-efficient direct lighting technology.

Pioneering Dutch company EVA Optic provides direct LED lighting solutions designed to significantly reduce glare and water surface reflection. Unlike indirect lighting, EVA Optic lights are fitted around the pool shining directly down over the water. The lights have a Unified Glare Rating of less than 19 due to a microprism cover that allows powerful yet glare-free light. 

The EVA Optic pool range includes EVAline individual or modular lights, downlights, Hydra spotlights and pendant lights. All are made to international safety standards and are designed to withstand aggressive corrosion from airborne chloramines, as well as the punishing heat of the pool environment. 

This durability means EVA lights maintain their mechanical integrity and aesthetics in the long-term. In fact, EVA lights have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours (assuming 18 hours a day for 7.5 years) and are extremely energy efficient thanks to the use of Constant Light Output technology. To date, the brand has been used at over 500 swimming pools around the world.

Well-known guidance from industry authorities highlights indirect lighting as the preferred solution for commercial facilities. However, this selection was based on the use of old technology that relied on high levels of concentrated light. For decision makers responsible for lighting recommendations and selections during new build, renovation or relighting projects, it may be time for a different, forward-thinking approach.

EVA Optic is supplied in the UK by wet leisure industry distributor Golden Coast. Shaun Adams, Director at Golden Coast said: “EVA LED lighting helps provide a safer pool environment, as there is minimal reflection on the pool’s surface, giving better visibility into the water. Direct lighting has been used in commercial pool builds for years with great success. It’s the solution the UK industry has been missing.”



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