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The power of exercise

A groundbreaking new report shows the impact of power-assisted exercise on the physical and mental wellbeing of older adults.

The release of the End User Impact Report 2023 from Innerva documents the profound effect of power-assisted exercise on the management of long-term health conditions among the elderly, many of whom have previously felt excluded from mainstream health and fitness facilities due to their age, health, or lack of confidence. And the headline results demonstrate how the Innerva wellbeing solutions – which include seated climbers and cross cycles – help improve the five elements of healthy ageing – aerobic fitness, muscular strength, balance, flexibility and social wellbeing – to reduce the risk of falls and fractures, enhance co-ordination, maintain muscle mass, and boost mood and overall wellbeing.

The research shows that:
• 94% of users reported improved aerobic fitness
• 88% felt stronger when getting up from a seated position, with 87% experiencing increased strength for lifting heavier items or carrying shopping
• 80% reported improved balance, critical for falls prevention
• 93% noticed enhanced flexibility, important for everyday mobility
• 5% reported a positive impact on mental health Building on the findings of its previous report in 2020, the new research was conducted among six Innerva operators across the UK and generated a total of 853 end user responses, 80% of whom were female.
With 94% of users aged over 50 years old, and 75% over the age of 60, it shows how operators are using Innerva’s power-assisted wellness solutions to engage older adults and forge links with health partners to service the UK’s growing ageing population. Warren Smyth, chief executive of Abbeycroft Leisure, which has an Innerva Wellbeing Suite, said: “This has been a fantastic addition to our facility in Brandon. “Not only has it added a new offer to our community, but it has also added a different dimension to our work with community health teams and other partners within the NHS.” The report also highlights the loyalty of older adults and their high levels of engagement. For example, almost half of individuals (44%) visit Innerva-equipped studios three or more times a week, while over three quarters (77%) use the equipment two or more times in a week. Jon Hymus, managing director of Innerva, said: “Our latest research shows the life-changing impact of power-assisted exercise on older adults and those with chronic conditions. “As society grapples with an ageing population and people living for longer in ill health, we hope this report serves as a call to action and encourages more operators to create inclusive environments where everyone can take part in exercise to age well.”

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