New 12-year strategy for UK skateboarding

Skateboard GB has launched a 12-year strategy outlining how it will support the growth of skateboarding across all levels.

As the UK governing body for skateboarding, the organisation has responsibility for the Olympic and the world class performance programme, in addition to grassroots skateboarding and talent within England.

The strategic plan is based on four key pillars which focus on three phases - building, refining and transforming. The first phase (to 2025) will look at creating the appropriate system, programmes, people and culture to help transform skateboarding through grassroots to world class performance. In this period it will build purpose and capacity which adds value, supports growth and helps create community so that skateboarding continues to flourish.

“This strategic plan is really important as we look to attract investment into skateboarding to help us support the community to ensure that the sport flourishes, at both a local and national level,” said James Hope-Gill, CEO of Skateboard GB.

Skateboard GB was formed by the Home Nation governing bodies at the end of 2017 and in December 2020 restructured to include Skateboard England within its constitution. Skateboard Scotland, Skateboard:NI and a soon to be set-up Skateboard Wales are responsible for grassroots skateboarding in the home countries.

“The publication of the strategic plan for Skateboard GB is an important step towards helping skateboarding grow and become more sustainable. The sport holds a distinct position with its emphasis on taking part, having fun and having recently made its debut in the Olympic Games. We look forward to continue working with Skateboard GB to realise their plans and use the power of skateboarding to help tackle inequalities across the country,” said Tim Hollingsworth, CEO of Sport England.

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