Skateboarding enjoys boom during pandemic

Skateboarding across the UK is seeing a huge resurgence with new and re-engaged skaters jumping on boards and hitting the streets.

Image: Paul Scott
Image: Paul Scott

This is the biggest increase since the Tony Hawk Pro Skater game caused the last boom in 2000, says Skateboard England.

The body has seen increases in females, couples as well older people taking up the sport. 

Equipment has been selling out across the country over the last six months with complete skateboards – considered the ideal skateboards for beginners - being the biggest seller.

MySkate, an app which provides skateboarders with the locations of all the skateparks in the UK, has seen an increase of 180,000 uses of the app each month, with new and experienced skaters logging on to find their local place to skate.

Earlier this year Skateboard GB & Skateboard England helped outdoor skateparks to re-open with guidance on skateboarding safely and more recently working with the government to safely reopen indoor skateparks too. 

“It is brilliant to see so many people of all ages participating in skateboarding. We have worked hard over the past few months to ensure that people have the guidance and information they need to be able to skateboard safely under the current government guidelines,” said James Hope-Gill CEO at Skateboard GB & Skateboard England.

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