The Yard, Canary Wharf
The Yard, Canary Wharf
Meeting the needs of London’s largest functional training space

'The Yard' is Third Space’s Canary Wharf club. The company worked with boutique fitness manufacturer EXF Fitness to create the 745sq m flexible training space.

Inspired by strength and conditioning, functional training and combat arts, The Yard features an open gym space, a dedicated combat zone on a mezzanine level and a 220m3 functional training rig, created by EXF.

The team fitted new flooring throughout including EXF designed function performance flooring, EXF strength flooring and a 15m three lane indoor track from its agility range. The function performance flooring has a seamless surface and anti-slip properties, making it ideal for areas used for body-weight, suspension and resistance training, conditioning and circuit training areas. It also helps reduce the chances of injury during activity, by integrating with EXF’s Control SD underlay system.

The strength flooring range is designed for areas that require exceptional flooring protection such as heavy weight lifting. EXF supplied bespoke 135mm solution in heavy drop zone areas including the use of the EXF Control underlay.

In advance of its installation, the team put all flooring through rigorous testing to ensure it provided the right level of acoustic protection. This was especially important as The Yard is located above the sites holistic and spa area.  All flooring was supplied in bespoke colours and passes REACH certifications.

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