A new high performance multi-use flooring in Brighton’s Prince Regent Swimming Complex

Brighton’s Prince Regent Swimming Complex (PRSC) is a popular inner city pool hall and fitness complex.  It recently transformed a fitness studio into a high-performing functional fitness area where flooring played a starring role. 

Escape Fitness helped create a functional fitness facility that would appeal to a wider audience, whilst standing out against local competition. Escape’s ENERGYM multi-use flooring anchors the final concept - a functional studio designed to offer Escape’s group exercise programming MOVE IT.


These included the refurbishment of PRSC’s previously disused stores and a staff room, and different flooring heights. One of the biggest challenges was ensuring the right base to allow for a seamless flooring system. 

Design of the new flooring

Features & benefits
The multi-use flooring is anti-bacterial, non-porous and fully customisable. Hence it is ideal for incorporating the MOVE IT grid design to create maximal workout stations (which increases the ROI on limited floor space).

The cushioned system also reduces fatigue and impact injury to joints, tendons and muscles, with a natural amount of slide to help reduce muscle strain.

Colours to create an inviting experience
PRSC chose a dynamic two-way colour scheme for the main floor - a vibrant green base coupled with a bright blue, to create functional zone markings. Contrasting white forms easily visible outlines and numbering. Combined with the modern blue lighting, the overall design creates a contemporary, energetic ambience attractive to its desired member base.

PRSC is operated by Freedom Leisure on behalf of Brighton & Hove City Council.

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